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        Caviar Inc.  is a major caviar supplier in Los Angeles, California and throughout the United States of America. Our large selection satisfies even the most pickiest buyer. Many of our customers are repeat clientele and refer friends and family. People know that when placing an order with us they will receive only the freshest possible Caviar, in the highest quality possible and at unbeatable prices. We supply fresh and frozen caviar to the general public, wholesalers, retailers, restaurants, caterers, banquets and stores. We encourage wholesalers, retailers, brokers and resellers around the USA to contact us for unbeatable pricing. Special  caviar rates/prices apply for resellers in specific areas through out the United States. If you would like to work with us to be our exclusive reseller in your area contact us here.

        Storage and handling of our caviar is made simple with all possible selections at Caviar Inc. Our caviar may be frozen and defrosted before serving. Constant freezing and defrosting, will cause the eggs to soften, ultimately causing more lubrication. When fully defrosted we recommend clients to store the caviar at 28-32 degrees, or in the coolest area in the refrigerator. It usually takes about a day or so to defrost the caviar completely before serving. After opening the caviar container, consume as soon as possible.

        How do people usually eat caviar? Usually served alone or on top of crackers. Red and Black Caviar can also be evenly spread out on top of bagels with cream cheese or butter. Sushi lovers can now enjoy this gourmet treat on top of rice, on seaweed rolls, or on top of Salmon Sashimi in the privacy of your own home. 

        When do people usually enjoy caviar? This specialty food makes one of the most popular gourmet gifts during the holiday season. Clients usually order two weeks prior to holidays. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Eve, Valentines Day, special occasions and events (Weddings, Corporate Events, etc...) are usually the perfect time to enjoy this ultimate luxury food. Buy caviar online now and enjoy the freshest caviar online today.

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